Thursday, March 19, 2009

History of My Luck (on the Internet)

I’m not what one would call an optimist. I try to look for the brighter side of things but it’s not without effort. I have to make a point to do so. I wish I were one of those light floaty optimists, but unfortunately I am not. But the number of times I’ve said ‘I am so lucky’ in the past few weeks is extraordinary. But when you think about it, I really am:

I have a loving husband who I just adore. Whenever we come home, it’s the most warming feeling to just be together. To giggle, be silly, just sit next to each other and hold hands, it is such a perfect feeling. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found him (and hooked him) and that we get to spend all our nights together. We met, like most of the important people in my life, on the internet.

I am lucky to have friends from various parts of my life. I have a dear friend from middle school I still talk to and am so happy to be part of her amazing and fantastic life (

Right after college I did Americorps in Sacramento. I lived with 3 (and 4 for a short period of time) other girls in a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath apartment. Yes, there were 5 of us at one point. We got paid $900 a month and it was plenty for us to live the way we did. The quarters never felt cramped, we had a morning shower routine down pat. And despite the 4th girl living on an air bed behind our couch (I kid you not) it was cozy- AND she paid rent! Crazy. Perhaps it was the close quarters or the low income or the not-knowing-another-soul-in-that-timezone, we became lifelong friends. It has been really a blessing to know these 3 girls, all so different, who have lived in NY, Prague, London, Austin, Boston and San Francisco.

After Sacto, I moved to San Francisco. After living in some serious dumpy places, I settled into a 4 bedroom, 2 bath apartment that I found on craigslist (consequently just 2 blocks from the ‘office’ of craigslist). I met some amazing people in that apartment through my roommates and neighbors. We lived in an AWESOME area of the city and it was not weird to meet people via the internet, I met several more friends through a girls networking group.

After trying SF for 3 years, I decided to move back to CT. Since I never thought I would return, I didn’t keep in touch with too many of my college or high school friends. So I knew hardly anyone. But I did what worked for me in the past, went to craigslist and found a bookclub. Bookclub sounds stuffy and old lady-ish. But I knew better. I did a bookclub in SF and it was guaranteed to involve a killer hangover the next day and one the girls always sneaking out to do partake in some illegal activities. My CT bookclub is awesome. It always involves wine, it’s packed with good friends, new and old. And what is really fun- we’ve grown to a good sized group. There is a constant 7 of us now. With a few others who come when they can. So what this turns into is a party, every few weeks with some of your favorite girls, good food and delicious wine. What more could a girl ask for? I am so lucky. Truly so lucky.

There are many other things I am lucky for too, to have loving parents (and in-laws, Hi Paul!) who support me. To have a job that continues to pay me. To have a beautiful home that I get to live in and hasn’t broken (when the wind blows hard I hold my breath the roof doesn’t blow off). I love coming home. I am lucky to have my health, my mind but most of all, I’m so lucky to have all the love in my life, which I found mostly on the internet.

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  1. Great post. So important to remember the best parts of life.