Friday, March 13, 2009

CSI addiction and sleep depravation

So this week has been a weird one for me. First, I am a good, very good sleeper. I rarely have a hard time falling asleep and rarely wake up in the middle of the night (except for the 5am wake up for the gym that I blow off about 50% of the time). So this week I slept terribly. I am blaming the time change for the first two nights I woke up at 3:45. Well, sometimes I wake up at 4:45 in mental preparation of the gym at 5. But 3:45? No one should have to wake up in the 3 o’clock hour. It’s just awful. But, I woke up feeling refreshed, most of the time, and ready for the day, except I am hours too early. So I lay there, angry at myself that I can’t fall back asleep. The next two nights, I was up at 2:15. Exactly 2:15 both nights? So weird. At least with those two nights I fell back asleep. Strangely, I haven’t felt tired. I mean, sure I’m tired, but not like my eyelids are dragging on the ground. Just sort of tired. That’s what is astounding to me. I should be exhausted. But I’m not. Last night, I'm happy to report, I woke up at 4:30, after which I did fall back asleep and blew off the gym so I slept until 6:30. How lovely. Thank goodness. I think I'm back on track, but my goodness... so strange.

Second, I am not normally a big tv watcher. I watch some, which is a drastic increase from my recent watching but I wouldn’t say I watch a lot of tv. Lately, I have had this craving, this strange urge for CSI. Any CSI, not just the Vegas one, ANY CSI. And Spike TV almost always has a marathon every day from about noon to 8pm- I know this b/c one day last week I left work at noon and watched CSI ALL DAY LONG. From 1, to about 7:30. I love CSI. It is a great show. The NY is the one I like most, Vegas second. I like the Miami one the least, because of that red-haired guy, Horatio (I mean, what kind of name is that?) but I will watch any of them. Thank goodness for Spike TV and CSI Marathons.

Perhaps with my sleep my addiction to CSI will fade. I think my husband hopes so. He's not a fan of the show.


  1. You can come and watch CSI with my hubby any day... he loves that show.

  2. I love CSI too! I don't have cable so my tv choices are limited.