Sunday, February 8, 2009

We make a really good team

It is 5:38 pm, Sunday February 8th. I can't remember the last time I was this physically exhausted. My body aches in places I forgot I had. It was a balmy weekend but the only reason I got out of the house was necessity. I ate spontaneous meals. I did not solve world peace. I don't think I thought of anything but I accomplished more I ever thought I would and my husband and I are still on great terms. It's weekends like this I realize how awesome of a team we make.

We painted our bedroom. Chilled Chardonnay and Liberty Park, yes, two colors, one for an 'accent wall' (can you tell we're addicted to HGTV?). We also painted the trim (cream), removed the doors and painted those, the window sills and, hell, while we're at it, the mantle and that ugly mirror above the mantle. Yes. Can you believe it? We did ALL OF THAT and we're still speaking. In fact, we didn't get into a fight at all! No bickering, no arguing, no pissed off-ness (I know that's not a word, but you know what I am talking about). We made 3 different trips to the store, mostly b/c our project kept growing and growing- more paint brushes, more roller pads, a new roller, a new paint tray. We did overbuy the chilled chardonnay (never a problem before) paint color. We did 3 coats on the walls (one coat of primer to cover the pepto bismol) and two coats of color. We did the chilled chardonnay first on the majority of the walls. Then the Liberty Park. As we were painting it, we both were in awe of how absolutely stunning the color was. I looked at my husband and said 'you know, it's too bad we didn't...' and he shhhh-ed me. We laughed. He was just waiting for me to say we could have done the whole room this gorgeous green. But I have no regrets. It looks truly beautiful. What a great job we did. The walls were finished in record time, which is when we expanded this project to the doors, window sills and then the mantle. We have (er, had) several gallons of the cream color we've adopted as our trim color. It's really pretty, clean but not white, just really pretty. It's all finished now, after our expanded project, but get this... We've signed up for more- which no-doubt will result in a fight. We're really pushing the limits on this. But we're going to do the trim and windowsills in the office and bathroom. THEN we'll be done painting... until we start working on the basement.

The mantle project is one we've been talking about for a long time. We have all dark-wood furniture. The mantle was a light wood stain. When we first moved in we said we needed to do something with the fireplace b/c it was ugly. We removed the gold glass thing which made a world of difference. We got a beautiful decorative screen which really makes it look pretty and there is a candle holder which creates a lovely look. But when you step back and look at the room, there are all sorts of mis-matching woods. The floor, the coffee tables, the bookshelves, all different. It needed something. THIS is the something it needed. It looks SO pretty.

Wow, we worked so hard this weekend, I'm hardly ever more tired that my sweetie, but last night I think I was. Tonight, I think he's got me beat. He looks really physically tired. Poor thing.

We're still 'vacationing' in the guest room. Tomorrow we'll put the (cream) trim back on the walls and move the furniture back into our room. We'll put the doors back on and tape in preparation for the remaining trim to be painted. We need to buy some more paint, actually. So this project will probably linger on for another week but I've got no plans this week and might as well get some more home beautification finished.

I'd take a picture and post it but sadly, on Thursday, my camera has died.

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