Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Morning Hangover

About 5 years ago, I answered the question of ‘how many drinks do you have, on average, per week?’ asked by my doctor. I thought it out and honestly responded with ‘about 30’. It was true, I would go out at least 3-4 times a week. And the nights I would stay home it was common for me to open (and finish) a bottle of wine in one night (that’s 4 drinks). Weekend nights I guessed I’d have 6-8 drinks. Weekday nights I’d have 3-5 drinks. It was normal. It was nothing. No sweat. Oh, half price margaritas on a Monday night- I was there.

So if I were to honestly answer that same question now, I would probably try to beef up the numbers a bit and say 10. But sadly, it’s more like 5-6 drinks a week. Now I know that’s fantastic for my body. I know it’s better for my well being, skin, bones etc. But when, in one night, I double that per-week number, I feel like ass the next day.

And then there are the embarrassing moments. Like the days where I’ve had TWO glasses of wine and feel poo-ish the next day. There are days where I can have ONE beer, yes, one beer, and feel a little woozy. Being the girl who could keep up with the guys, the girl who made it 46 minutes into a power hour in college, being the girl who actually had 21 drinks (beer and shots) on her 21st birthday and woke up the next day feeling fine, I am embarrassed.

So, here I am… feeling like poo, probably smelling like it too. Strangely, the most difficult part of my ‘day after’ drinking is my sore back and neck. Starting in the middle of my spine, going up through my shoulders, neck, back of my head and around to my forehead, it aches. It’s sore and tight and achy and throbbing.

And why, you might ask, don’t you just stop drinking 5 drinks in one night? The answer, my dears, is because I am an idiot.

(but bookclub was awesome last night)


  1. I too am feeling a bit pooish this morning. But yes book club was awesome. Thank you for the flowers and DELICIOUS dinner.

  2. You made me LOL at the office! I am so right there with you sister!!!!! Hang in there. At least with all of your experiance you also know how to best cure your hangover.

    Much love friend.

  3. I seem to recall that it was your trainer who asked about the number of drinks you imbibed per week. Am I remembering wrong?

  4. I feel you. I'm pregnant and so I haven't been drinking for 6 months. I'm so worried about what this is going to do to my tolerance level! 9 months without a drink will probably mean that I'll get a buzz just smelling a beer. Wonderful. I'll be THAT GIRL again...