Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Send wishes of love and hope to my friends today

It's 8:06am and I already have my ipod in my ears to drown out the negativity surrounding me. Today needs to be a day of positivity.

My dear friend's new wife is having her mastectomy today. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 days before their wedding. They told very few people before their wedding. She started chemo 4 days after their wedding. After 3 months of chemotherapy, she received an email from her surgeon saying: "the cancer has melted away! I can see very little residual disease--it is really an excellent result." So today she will have the infected breast removed and then, I believe, begin radiation treatment. She and her husband have bravely and openly been keeping a sobering account of their experience at this blogsite. Please think positive thoughts and send wishes of love to them both today.

Please think positively today for everyone out there who need it. Especially my friends Jenn and Daylan. I wish for a sunshiny day in San Francisco today, too. She deserves to wake up, cancer-free with some sunshine. But I think cancer-free without sunshine is a very close second. Thinking of you both!

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