Friday, February 27, 2009

Is a male mistress a mister?

I slept in and blew off the gym today. Dave was good, despite my early morning attempt to make him be a slacker with me and went to the gym alone. When he came back, I was half sleeping and he bounded on the bed with a big smile and said, "GUESS what happened last night!?" So I guess 'it snowed?'. And he says, big smile on his face, 'Tom and Giselle got married."

WHAT?! Tommy told me that was all for the press and he wanted to stay my boyfriend. He told me is relationship with Giselle was just to keep the tabloids busy. I mean, come on, what hunky, golden, beautiful being wants to wed a woman like THAT??? Sure, she's a supermodel who owns an island off the coast of Belize. But lets be realistic, when he's old and still golden, gorgeous and firm, will he want to be with her? Did he REALLY want her dogs to be at the wedding, dressed in their finest collars (Dolce and Gabanna) - I never would ask him to do something like that. He wants to be my boyfriend still. Of course he does. He told me so.

Although I suppose now he'd be my Mister.

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