Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am an idiot, take two

I've worked hard to not mention my first name or my husband's- also my brother or his family. It's been difficult but I think it's important to have some privacy and somehow writing our names (and the names of my extended family) always seems risky and an invasion or of privacy. That may not make sense to some people, since I blog. But if you google my name, nothing comes up. If you google my maiden name, nothing comes up. And I like it that way. I don't do facebook for the same reasons, because I don't want to be 'found' by people searching for me. If my boss went searching, he wouldn't find this, although I don't write about work. If potential employers (not that I'm looking for a new job) went looking, they probably wouldn't find me.

So I've gone to lengths to remain unnamed, meanwhile I have links to 'my favorite' websites. One of which is our wedding photos. And Lo and Behold, what is that first page? Oh yes, it's our names. I am a complete idiot. Seriously. It's right out there. If you wanted to know my name, you probably could have found it out.

So while I'll continue to not name my brother, and might, out of habit, continue to refer to my husband as: husband or sweetie, I know, you can learn my name from my links. Feel free to enjoy our wedding photos!

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