Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Weekend Coming Up...

We have decided to re-paint our bedroom ourselves. When we first moved into our house we painted three small rooms and our very large bedroom. The color choice for the bedroom was picked on a whim and the size of the room prevented us from doing a good job and taking our time. Instead, we just rushing through it and did a really poor job. In some parts you can still see the yellow peeking through, we obviously didn’t do a second coat- b/c the room was so big! The color choice was a poor one, you can see the corners were done with a paint pad, not a brush or roller- it just looks terrible and has prevented us from hanging pictures or doing much ‘decorating’.

So we’re learning… husband will go to home depot, sans me, to buy the supplies. I will go to the paint store and buy several gallons of paint. We will prepare the room on Thursday by removing the bed from our room and move the furniture to the center and will move into the guest room to stay in ‘the most comfortable guest bed in Connecticut’ **. We will reconvene on Saturday to start painting (I have a hot date with a friend to see a whacked out play Friday night so I get to skip out on the taping… thank goodness). We’ve chosen the colors Chilled Chardonnay and Liberty Park (we’re doing an accent wall). I suspect during the week we will remove the doors from that room and paint the doors, trim and windowsills. Please, wish us luck… we’ll need it.

**when we moved in together we had a long discussion as to whose bed will be OUR bed. After some persuasion, I won. But anytime we refer to the guest room, there is some mention of the comfort of the bed. We deemed it to be THE most comfortable guest bed in all of CT.

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  1. Good Luck. Sounds like a big project. Take it slow and have fun.