Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Year's off to a Good Start- Go TULSA!

Well, it's a special day in my life... moving in the right direction... into the digital age. I now own an iPod. It's a Nano and I said goodbye to it this morning when I left for work. It's very cute and little. I call it Nano. It's green. And surprisingly the transferring of music is not complicated!

We did have to check our computer size to see if it was capable of handling the iTunes system. That's embarrassing. We can't watch videos on Nano b/c our computer is too old/slow, but music (and hopefully books) are no problem! I am planning to walk more and hope Nano helps encourage me to do that. SO fun!

Upon the first day back to work, I realized I am in 3rd place of our office Bowl Pool, gambling on which team will win each of the billion Bowl Games in college football? I almost didn't pick ND to win their game and if I didn't, I wouldn't be in third place... or maybe I would, I don't care too much. But, if I won, I would collect $500 bones! However, stupid Texas in the last 20 seconds or so of the game came back and won their game last night. (Sorry Vernie, for not picking the Longhorns). Now I can possibly win second place, which is $100 bones. Or, I could win a whole lot of nothing. But it's kinda fun. Last night, while I was laying in bed wondering why in the world I couldn't fall asleep, I got up twice to check the TV for the score. Ordinarily I wouldn't care an ounce about these two teams, but suddenly, it's important! Even more (or less) so is Tulsa v Ball State tonight. I need Tulsa (and then Florida)to win, so keep your fingers crossed for me!


... I don't even know what Tulsa's mascot is. And where is Ball State? I think that's where David Letterman went to school though.

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