Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

What a Wonderful Weekend!

We had a really wonderful weekend. My parents arrived on Thursday from Florida for the weekend and my mom’s 60th birthday. We made plans to join my brother and his wife for dinner on Friday night. About a month ago, my Aunt called and told me she was crashing our party and could she and her husband stay with us (they are from Boston). YES! Of course! And I schemed up some ‘surprise’ where my Aunt and Uncle will arrive at the restaurant as a surprise to my mom. I was so excited. How cool! So a week before the big ‘surprise’ my Uncle calls and says that he and my Gram (mom’s mom) both from Toronto are planning to fly in for the big surprise. OH MY GOODNESS! Now, for those who don’t realize it, when Canadians travel out of the country, typically they need to buy ‘trip health insurance’ so if they get sick in a country that doesn’t have universal health insurance they can get healthcare. SO, not only does it mean my Gram is kicking butt and feeling great, it means she also feels good enough for a whirlwind weekend trip. Wow. So the same with my Aunt/Uncle, we scheme up having them come straight from the airport to the restaurant. SO exciting.

So back to Friday. Gram/Uncle’s flight is running 1 hour late so we pushed back the reservations. When we arrive for our ‘late’ reservation the 4 of us are seated at a table for 8. We sit down and I shake my head saying ‘wow, this restaurant must have a new hostess. First they had to push back our reservations and there are only 6 of us, why is the table set for 8?’ THEN in walk my brother, sis-in-law. And behind them… my Aunt and Uncle! So fun. My mom was so excited and so thrilled. Her face just lit up. I kept thinking, oh my god, she has NO IDEA. So we’re chattering, moving seats, rearranging each other, trying to figure out what wine to order, what to drink, what to order when the host comes over to our table with our two other guests. My mom had to be prompted to look up. I’m sure she was completely overwhelmed and distracted but when she looked up she just was SO excited. (god, I’m already tearing up just writing this) She jumped up and I think she said ‘Mommy’. She was crying. I think we all were crying a little bit. She just couldn’t believe it. So after all the hugs and reseating again (The restaurant set up the table so two chairs could be pulled to the ends of our long table and new place settings were added- very sneaky). We settle back in. I feel so badly for the people seated around us looking for a romantic dinner b/c we were loud and chatty and excited. It was such a great night. And my Gram, she looked absolutely amazing.

After dinner we bid goodbye to my bro/sis-in-law and the 6 of us head back to our house for more wine (like we needed it) and more chatter. It was such a great night. The next day hubby and I had big plans (too big, really). We (oh, hunny did the cooking) cooked a really delicious breakfast. And we prepped for our biggest dinner party yet! We had to pull out the reserve flatware and eat on plastic. There were 11 people. We served pulled chicken sandwiches with homemade bbq sauce, turkey mini meatloaves, greek barley salad (those two are from our cookbook) and green beans. And delicious cup cakes for dessert, brought by sister-in-law. Wow, what fun. We sat around chatting more and then Gram and Uncle headed back to the hotel for their Sunday morning flight. What a truly wonderful visit with them.

Sunday we were all mentally and physically exhausted. We head to Bro/sis-in-law’s house for brunch and some playtime with the kids. It was so fun playing with the kids. They are in a really fun phase and their games are very silly but fun. They are big into pretending which is fun. I find it adorable. So we pretended with them and had fun.

My mom is so deserving of extra special-ness. She is an angel to everyone and just knows how to make me feel very special. It truly was special for a very special person. I’m just so happy to have been a part of it.

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