Friday, January 30, 2009

When you have to LIVE the Advertisement

Has anyone seen those car door advertisements? The ones that either are painted on a car or window advertising a local business? That must be the hardest advertising out there. Think about it, you are attracting attention, which is your goal, but you are always ‘on display’. Someone is going to peer into the car to see if it’s clean or what the driver looks like. That is high pressure AND dedication to advertise your business on your car, especially personal services.

Just yesterday I spied a truck that had in-home personal trainer/weight management coach advertisement on the windows, back and side! I thought about that job and imagined the hunky, physically firm, tanned, sexy man who could be my in-home personal trainer. But as I drove by the car, instead I saw a half-shaven (NOT in the sexy Tom Brady way) chubby guy. I pictured him wolfing down a donut and gulping down a Light and Sweet Dunkin Donuts coffee. It just made me laugh to myself thinking, wow, if I was a potential customer, THAT guy would NOT make me feel confident in the personal training.

Several months ago, I was driving down a street and came across a yellow VW Bug, the new ones, super cute and girly. This one was ridiculously girly with pink (big) polka dots all over it. On the door it had some advertisement for one of those crappy home party businesses (candles, Tupperware, jewelry, spices, you can fill in the blank). This home party business was big in this area a few years ago, seemed like someone was having one of those parties every week, EVEN AT WORK. Goodness. But was we drove by this pathetically girly yellow VW bug with pink polka dots, a DUDE was driving it! Yes, a guy. Now, in this case one HAS to assume he was driving his wife/girlfriend/sister/mother’s car in a pinch and is ashamed he couldn’t drive with a bag over his head, right? Those parties are weird, and really just a reason for women to get together, drink too much wine, spend money without even standing up (and drinking wine) and gossip. But even if I did want to have one of those (pampered chef aside) I wouldn’t call that number for two reasons- 1) a VW bug is nearly cause enough for me not to call, but yellow with pink polka dots? And 2) there was a dude driving the car!

That’s a lot of pressure to have car advertisements, and for those that do, you should always look nice, presentable and respectable. Otherwise, get a magnet that you can remove when you don’t want to be long-distance-interviewed from the car next door. Considering how saturated we are with all sorts of services and the internet, why would we call a number we saw on the side of a car? I’ve never wanted to call a personal business because of the car advertisement, except for Pete The Butcher. Now if I can only find a reason to have a pig roast to call Pete The Butcher…

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  1. I had a friend in college who drove around a car advertising a local sex shop. No one would let him park in their driveways. We made him park down the street. I always felt bad for him...