Sunday, January 11, 2009

True New Englanders?

Something I've come to ponder is the phenomenon of the New England weather: those who like to talk about it and those who don't. Strangely it seems like there are some days where we have no idea snow is in the forecast and other days there is a week's worth of warnings, you can't turn on the tv without someone talking about the 'big storm'. What I think I've concluded, after extensive research, is that true New Englanders (those who grew up in New England) consider snow a circumstance of the season and those new-New Englanders call any white precipitation a 'STORM'. Perhaps some of our weather forecasters are from San Diego? True New Englanders keep their plans despite some snow and new-New Englanders stay home, make soup and hot cocoa, light a fire and stay inside, occasionally getting out from under the pile of blankets once an hour to look outside and ponder how many more hours until the storm passes. I recognize this is a gross generalization, but for the most part, I believe it to be true. (to my dear friends, the Floridians, please don't take this the wrong way, it's very cute when you call some snow a storm. Just pointing out a minor difference in mindset)

My husband and I had a really wonderful weekend. We spent Thursday with our dear Floridian friends, watching Florida whoop Oklahoma and after 8 beers or so, I was thrilled to win my $100. Which meant that Friday we were lazy asses and went to bed early after trying to stay up to watch a tv show or two.

Saturday I had lunch with the girls (and my little 6 month old friend) at this yummy Thai restaurant and Saturday night hubby and I headed out (in the 'storm') to see the Producers. Our friend played in the orchestra (?) which totalled about 7 people.- is it still called an orchestra with that few people? It was surprising to me that the few people in that corner were making all that music! People were playing all different instruments, it was really very fascinating. The play was in a very small theater. They had extended the showing of this play so we saw it on it's final-final night. I would guess the theater sat 150-200 people and guessing there were less than 50 at the show. Perhaps b/c of the extended show? Perhaps the snow (or storm, depending on where you are from) but it was hilarious. The show itself is very funny but these actors were truly remarkable. And even such a small showing of audience, the actors and orchestra were totally giving it their all. It was a really really great (and terribly funny) play. I would recommend it but it's over.

This morning we (hubby and I) had brunch at a new-to-us restaurant. They have a wood fired oven which made it feel warm and cozy on a still-snowy-from-last-night morning. For only $20, you have an Italian based buffet with cheese, fruit, prosciutto di parma, salami, pasta salad (homemade pasta- yum), baked goodies and a main dish. I opted for the fritatta with broccolini, sausage, ricotta and provolone. Hunny opted for the breakfast pizza with 3 eggs baked right on top of it (included mushrooms, potatoes and motz). There was a platter of cannoli, cookies, cheese cake, etc. The meal was excellent and enough to take home too. I would highly recommend it!

ps- total inches precipitated 3-4 inches in our yard. just enough to make it look pretty again.

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  1. Pretty funny that you should put that note about "no offense to the Floridians" because reading this, I felt more like a New Englander. I knew snow was coming, because I heard people talking about it, but really didn't do any internet research or watched any TV about it. I didn't even know what time it was going to start - which to me made me feel like I was pretty chill about it :)
    So glad you guys enjoyed watching the game with us, and going to the Producers - what great friends you both are!