Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions- old and new

Happy New Year! We had a lovely time with our friends on New Years Eve and spent the first day of the year with one of my dear friends from childhood. It was so nice to see Jennifer Taylor, we totally lost track of time and our brunch ended about 4:45! Wow. What a great time. So, I found my 2008 resolution list. I knew where it was I just wish I didn't. The resolutions last year were fair, but difficult. They were:

2008 Resolutions

1. Take more walks

2. Take 15-30 minutes a day, just for me

3. Exercise 4 times a week

4. Eat 2 veggies each night with dinner

5. Don't try to plan everything, relax and LIVE life

6. Drink less often and less quantity

7. Carry cash to watch my spending

8. Try new vegetable each month

9. Yoga 2x a month

So, overall, I didn't do so well with these ones... I was most successful at drinking less actually, which is surprising. I also was moderately successful at the exercising save my stupid ankle injuries. But more impressive was my:


- stop leaky faucet in basement (success)

- seal and paint benches (one out of two ain't bad)

- change pictures in frames (... didn't do this one but mostly b/c the picts I was going to use had disappears from my storange!)

- repaint bedroom (on deck for 09)

-Fill wedding albums (nope)

- seal and stain deck (we did it, can't call it a success though)

- irrigation/soaker system for garden (success)

- Plant a tree/ fix lawn (success on the lawn, we decided not to plant a tree)

- get/install electric fence (dog is on hold, so is this task)

- make fireplace pretty (and oh man, we did)

- Re-do kitchen (OH YES we did)

- Hem pants (just an easy one to be able to chekc off the list early in the year)

I'm pretty proud of our to do list. We did a lot of stuff this year and some of them felt daunting but we got most of that stuff done and I am proud of that! OK OK, so here's my 2009 resolutions and to do list

1. stop swearing

2. watch less tv

3. use free time better, relax, walk, enjoy life

4. focus on making a better me: skin care, floss, manners, joints, muscles, stress

5. be more pure- eat more real products, check labels, use more natural products

6. watch my portion sizes when in group settings. Reconsider seconds.

7. keep journal:

Plan out each week: food, gym 5x, yoga/swim 1x, walk 1x;

Plan out each day: what I'm thankful for, what I am proud of and what I could have done better

To Do

paint bedroom

update bathroom

paint basement

plant herbs in kitchen

plant veggie garden (see picture of section of our garden we cleared out for the veggies)

paint mantle

new irrigation system

install garden border in front and back

The lists seem manageable. I hope they are. I think I need some improvements and my memory is so bad, I HAVE to write them down, otherwise they go *poof* from my memory. So now they are written down, I have fewer things on the list but I will work hard on them. Better get going! Off to Yoga and lunch with Stefania, then a massage. Look at me! I'm working on those resolutions already! Happy New Year!

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