Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Week- A New Start

Last week was one of those kicker-of-a-weeks. For some reason, I was in an absolutely, positively, certifiably monster of a mood. There was so much miniscule stuff that was really pushing me over the edge. Perhaps it was the busy-ness of it. Or the stress of my parents coming for the weekend. Or the surprise guests (my Gram/Uncle from Toronto and Aunt/Uncle from Boston who surprised my mom at the restaurant on Friday night). Or maybe it had to do with the larger than normal amounts of alcohol I consumed. But at any rate, this is a new week and a new start. And I am loving the beginning of it. Much of that joy is due to my new friend, Nano. Nano brings me joy and white noise and allows me to be more productive at work. I’ve never been a big music person but the music allows me to block out other conversations. It has brought me joy and happiness this first day of a new week.

But another thing that brings me joy in my new week is my dear husband. He has this amazing ability to make the RIGHT decisions all the time. When the alarm went off this morning at a dreadful 5am, I was wishing he would plan to bag the gym. We both are absolutely exhausted after this weekend of staying up very late and drinking a lot. So at 5 this morning, I was wishing away the few glasses of wine I had last night and the alarm. But when I asked my husband if he was going to the gym, secretly wishing he’d say no, my diligent husband says yes. So, I rolled out of bed and put my gym clothes on in the dark and the whole drive to the gym started talking myself out of running (just do the elliptical, you don’t want to be here, you can feel a hangover coming on, just half-ass your workout) but without even thinking I climbed onto a treadmill and started running. I didn’t have a plan in mind, I figured I’d just walk and jog but I had a great workout and ran nearly the whole time! I’ve had a lovely day of good eating b/c we had loads of mini meatloafs (I lovingly call them meat muffins b/c you make them in a muffin tin) which I chose for lunch, along with my protein nuggets, orange, cottage cheese and blueberries (is it me, but they were especially delicious this morning), a mini luna bar and some hummus, pita and hard boiled eggs I’m preparing for Yoga tonight and then EARLY TO BED.

I read this weekend that complaining about petty stuff can put you in a terrible mood. Someone was challenged to not complain about anything and she described her week. I woke up challenging myself to a week like that. And sofar, with help from my friend Nano and my husband, I’m well on my way to a complain-free week. And I feel good.

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