Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Many Days of Christmas...

Well, after four Christmas celebrations spanning 4 homes, three states and travel by air and by car we've done it. We survived. Never mind the Christmas tree that was by our curb by 1pm on December 26th... never mind our Christmas decorations (that I love) are all lined up ready to be put back in their boxes in the basement... never mind the 5 bottles of wine/prosecco (average) I personally drank this Christmas season (not including the beers).... never mind the 5 (or so) pounds I added onto my butt and gut... never mind the dollars spent... never mind the TIME spent... this was a really wonderful Christmas.

And while it was absolutely wonderful, I am so happy it's over. I have to admit, this splitting Christmas between families is exhausting. AND both of our parents are still married to each other, I can't imagine what it would be like celebrating with any more family! Wow. Exhausting. And of course, last night, as we lay in bed, thoroughly drained, tossing and turning, we both wondered why the heck we couldn't fall asleep? (that's frustrating).

So onto resolutions... I make them, my husband doesn't. And I keep them in my planner and review them throughout the year and at the end of the year go through to see how many resolutions I kept. Shamefully I already threw away my resolutions for 08. But I didn't do so well which explains why I threw them out.

When I get a good list for this year, I may or may not share. But one of my resolutions will be to stop swearing. I have been noticing when people do and don't swear and their swearing really makes me flinch. Especially when people enunciate their swears. It's not unf*ckingbelievable. It's unF*CKINGbelievable. It's a bad bad habit that I am embarrassed of and need to eliminate certain words from my vocabulary. Like the F word. And the S word. And probably the B word. Not sure about the A word. At times that can be endearing. But not when accompanied by -hole. Hmmm... I'll work on that list.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So Christmas began yesterday
with a celebration with my brother, sister-in-law and the munchkins. I missed the comment from the little Bug who was looking out the window saying she thought she saw a red nose in the sky. How adorable! Presents were opened, little munchkins were thrilled, excited, tired and then sleeping. And my brother was close behind them. I can understand though. The Christmas build-up every year seems longer and longer. I'm not surprised if Christmas parties occur in late November anymore. It's just madness. But as I sit here at work, brimming with excitement for christmas number 2 of 4 to be celebrated this afternoon with my dear husband I wonder why I didn't take this day off? Who the hell can work on Christmas eve? Who SHOULD work on Christmas eve? But can I sit here and totally screw off until 11:30 or so when I can comfortably leave earlier than our normal early departure? I gave my assistant some work to do this morning and she, with her Christmas Carols playing loudly, yelled (yes, shouted) at me to stop giving her work, don't I know it's Christmas eve? I know she was joking... sort of. Seriously, who the hell can work on Christmas eve? Who SHOULD work on Christmas eve? Tonight Santa comes. And holy moley, that is SO fun. There are presents under the tree (mostly mine b/c my sweetie doesnt' wrap until the last day) and they are ready to be opened. I am ready to open them. I even let sweetie open a present this morning...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yes, yes, I ran today. While it wasn't painless, for a long period or high speed, I still did it. I still ran today. And man, I am thrilled. I look forward to painfree periods of running in my future, but it was nice to feel good enough to do it. (I still shake my head wondering how I didn't break something with this 'sprained ankle' pain lasting so long). But I am happy and feel good.

Today we are expecting the first snowstorm of the season. It's exciting and nice, but today is also my company Christmas party... And frankly, I am tired of my Christmas plans being changed, cancelled or postponed this year and damn it, I'm getting to that Christmas party. And no, I'm not rescheduling my Christmas plans on Sunday because of other potential inclimate weather. I am not cancelling, changing or postponing any more christmas stuff. This is not going to be the 'cancelled/postponed Christmas'. While not what was originally planned, I am very happy, excited and looking forward to our NEW (and improved) Christmas plans this year. And come hell or high water, we are not missing any of it. So Mother Nature, PLEASE play nice. Travel is in our plans and your cooperation would be appreciated.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

To all my ladies out there...

I am a cryer. There is no doubt about it. I tear up at Hallmark commercials, award show acceptance speeches, stories about grandparents, at the end of a sporting event when one team is jubilant about their win, stories of abundant love, thinking about people who are not alive and all the people who miss them, the end of 'My First Home'... the list can really go on for pages. One of my friends introduces me their 'emotional' friend (JENN). I especially love the stories of abundant love.

I just watched a video clip from Stefania's blog and b/c I'm such a technological moron, I have no idea how to add it to my blog. But go check out the video on her blog (I have figured out the hyperlink). It made me cry (even thought it kept interrupting... I think you need to let it load before you play it). Thanks Stefania, I didn't get my weekly BOO-HOO b/c there was no Extreme Home makeover last Sunday.

I have an amazing little life here. And with all the 'tough' stuff going on in the world and the economy, illnesses and injuries, I sometimes need a reminder to help me appreciate the really great women in my life. I have an amazingly strong core of beautiful, love-filled, open hearted, wonderful women in my life. My Mom and mother-in-law. My sisters-in-law and Gram, the extended family- aunts and cousins and my friends scattered throughout the whole country. I am a very lucky woman. I met this amazing group of women here who have become my 'nearby' family. And because of all of these women, I am the luckiest girl on earth, really. I am so fortunate to have all of these beautiful women in my life, the video just reminded me, we can get through anything, especially with the help of each other.

So to all my ladies out there- I love you!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Babies Galore and Saturday Night Live

Friday night we had the pleasure of babysitting our little friend Luke. He was a happy little boy when his mom and dad dropped him off, laughing and smiling. They went off to a Christmas party left me with some diapers and bottles (enough for a few days worth) and some gear. Little one started fussing and looked awfully sleepy. Dear husband came home and played with him, tried to calm him down, and we wondered if we should feed him. So we gave him a bottle, he sucked a little and then wasn't interested. We figured he was really tired and we somehow lulled him off to sleep. (I felt awfully bad 'starting' the bottle knowing that milk would need to be used again in 4 hours or it would go to waste). Little one slept for about an hour, started to fuss so I picked him up, he snuggled and passed right back out for another hour or so. His mom and dad came to get him. We gave them the Luke-update and they were shocked at how much he slept and that he didn't want to eat. (we were terrified we might have thrown off their schedule for eating and sleeping and hoped they weren't going to be up all night). 'Since he was up should we give him the rest of the bottle?' I asked. Luke's Mom thought that was a great idea and went to get the bottle, took the nipple part off to remove the CAP... yes, there was a cap on there, a barrier preventing the milk from getting in the nipple part. Oh, did we know about this cap? NOPE. Poor little Luke. I was thrilled we didn't waste the milk, but oh my goodness. I was relieved to get the update the next day that the little sleepyhead slept well and so did Mom and Dad.

Saturday we headed to NYC to see Diana, Scott and little Isabelle. It was SO fun to see them, spend such good time with them and play a little bit with Isabelle. She is so happy and smiley and fun to play with. She was also really fun to watch eat! So cute. So we had dinner with them and then headed out for Hungarian dessert and then Saturday Night Live. We are not huge fans of SNL but Jenn suggested we put our name in for tickets and we got them with Hugh Laurie and Kanye West as the hosts we decided to go. It was really cool to see how the show was created and how it was organized: the stages, cameras and the people on the set. It also happened to be Amy Poehler's last show which was really neat to see. What I was most surprised at is how much the actors laugh at the skits when they are not on camera. It was cool, if anyone has the chance to go, I recommend it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches!

Our Christmas tree's branches are lovely. Gosh, I LOVE this time of year. Saturday we got our tree, wreath and branches/rope thing that hangs on the mantle. The tree is perfect... well, ok, it's a little crooked. It looks like it's leaning but I think it's just a crooked stem (oh please don't fall over, christmas tree...) It is decorated with colored lights that make me think of little candies. A few years ago my parents gave me some of my childhood ornaments (you know, the ones with my name on them or the ones I made, complete with photos of when I cute -and awkward). So I don't have a 'designer' tree this year, as my husband calls it. (my first tree as a grownup had only ball ornaments, it looked lovely but was deemed a 'designer' tree b/c of the uniform ornaments).

Its funny, as a grown up, I made certain decisions about Christmas-time. As a kid, I HATED taking out the tangled, sometimes rusty hangie hooks to hang the ornaments. So I decided, as a grownup, I will not keep those damn hangie hook things year after year. I will make the sacrifice and purchase a new pack for 99 cents every year. Having new hangie hook things makes hanging ornaments a lot more enjoyable- of course, that is when you have enough hangie things for your ornaments. This year we ran out of hangie hook things... I guess there was a reason my parents always held onto those stupid hangie hook things. Those parents, they are so smart!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Feeling of Nostalgia

Well, this week, hubby and slacker-ass (me) decide we are actually going to do that thing we used to do- go to the gym. I've devised some weird schedule which will allow for me to actually make it through the week being active each day. One of my new activities is to swim.

So I head out, this week, to find a bathing suit. FYI- finding a cheap bathing suit in December in New England is a silly idea. Be prepared to pay serious coin. I had some goggles buried in a drawer and was not sure if I would buy a swim cap. So I head to the Sporting Goods store, find a suit, try it on and this feeling washes over me. I swam competitively for 13 years growing up. I basically grew up in the pool and in bathing suits. Summer in our back yard, winter/spring in the high school pool, saturdays for 8 hours at swim meets. It felt so familiar to squeeze that suit over your hips (the first time you put a new suit on it doesn't fit right. You need to get in the suit and then get wet. It kind-of molds to your body). I find the right size and head out to find a bathing cap.

My parents hardly ever discussed finances with us and I have no idea how expensive swimming was, it was just something we always did. But I do remember driving to some scary part of a nearby city for this remote discount store for speedos b/c they were so darn expensive and if you're swimming in a suit (and as you get older, 2 or 3 each day) they wear out quickly, get rips and become see-through and sag at the butt, so you need a few to get you through the year. And the plastic bathing caps- those rip and tear, you can easily go through 1 a month. So now, buying my new speedo (for $50!) and thinking about a bathing cap, I head over to check them out. While they are really cool-looking: faded colors from dark to light, they are also $12. Holy crap, for a head condom? So I decide not to get a cap and grab my suit and go home.

I get home, put the suit on and throw some clothes on and that feeling came back again. Thinking about what I need to pack for my way home. Oh man, how many times growing up did I forget to pack undies for the way home and have to go home commando? We don't have a designated 'swimming' towel so I grabbed a bath towel. I have some Ultra Swim (shampoo to help keep the chlorine out of your hair), a comb, a winter hat (so your hair doesn't freeze).

So I hit the library first, while I'm there, ask for directions to the high school pool, get a little map drawn and head over. I'm very nervous and picture myself wandering around an empty high school trying to find the pool, but it's the very first door! I open the door and that feeling comes over me. The warm, moist air, the smell. The sound/echos. Oh wow. So I walk around the corner and find a really nice pool! It's warm in there, reasonably clean- not spotless and not packed with people. only one other swimmer (and 5 lifeguards). I pay my dues, head into the high school locker room, change, grab my goggles and head out.

Standing at the edge of the pool, toes over the edge, I am really comfortable. I am thrilled to finally come swimming. I dive into the pool, goggles in hand, and OUCH!!! I must have pushed off with my ankle. Damn it. I breastroke to the other end, legs together, throw some goggles on and start swimming. It felt wonderful. I felt great. It felt like two things finding their way together: me and swimming. I know HOW to swim, but my body doesn't really fit into a suit the way it should, my arms were burning, my ears had water in them, gurgling around and a few times I swallowed a bunch of water- all in a days swim... I start going a bit more, try some flip turns, the throbbing in the ankle going away and suddenly, I'm OFF! I am swimming, I feel great, I know I have a pretty stroke and that makes me feel great. I love the feeling of stretching out as far as you can. I never was a big kicker so not using my legs was fine. I felt wonderful.

I can't wait until next week!