Monday, June 9, 2008

Came home on Friday to this?!?!?

Some progress! Yay! While an utter pain in the tail to do anything in this 'kitchen' it means that we are halfway there? Though another week of no visible progress (skimcoating the walls) and with the humidity I suspect it might be slower waiting for it to dry.... we just are so excited but so anxious.

And, yes, you guessed it, more wallpaper. Dave thinks our house might have once been a wallpaper museum. I hope the coffee, onion, potato wallpaper was there at a different time than the gold faux brick paper. Hey, but who knows?

It was a hot and humid New England weekend. Dave and I decided to go to the beach at Crystal Lake in Ellington but the parking lot was not open? there were cars parked in another spot and people on the beach so we followed suit. After about 10 minutes, maybe, of sitting there, in our newly purchased beach chairs, the police pull up in a boat telling us the beach is not open. So we packed our stuff and went home. BOOO. Bummer. We sat on our deck, under the awning and tried to stay as cool as possible. Wow, it was hot and humid. whew!

Saw Sex and the City this weekend- good movie. God I hate Big. What a jerk. I know some people out there love him, but UGH, what a jerk. It was a good movie.

Nearly done with Escape by Carolyn Jessop. I would highly recommend this book. It's fascinating look into a polygamous family from a real life point of view. And in light of Warren Jeffs being sent to jail, I think it's even more facinating. Caitlin my hairdresser recommended it to me.

Ok, that's all for me. PT at 8:30 today so I get to lounge around this morning - go find a place to get some coffee- since we're not even making that in our kitchen= no where to put the coffee grounds. Happy Monday!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kitchen Befores...

ok so here are some picts of our former kitchen. Lovely brown hanging light, huh? I wonder if there is a way to post more than one photo... It's not really a 'bad' kitchen, but more like a no-one-thought-about-cooking-when-they-redid-the-last-one.

Oh, and my favorite part of the kichen redo is the sparklie gold faux brick wallpaper.