Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Blackbird at Theaterworks
We went to see this play tonight and WOW, was it powerful. It was so good and so horrid at the same time. A two person, 90 minute show that makes you wonder about it for a long time. If anyone has the chance to see this play, go see it. A story about a woman facing her ex lover(?) or former abuser, depending on what you believe. She loved him and he loved her... when she was 12 and he was 40... It is raw, it is awful, it is hard to watch but riviting. Really excellent acting (with the exception of on 'fight') by both actors. An amazing show.

Passport Photos
I remember the days when I could take ok pictures. When my license and my passport photos were cute and I wondered about the people who said 'everyone's license/passport photo is terrible'. Upon my last trip to Canada, the unfriendly customs/immigration guy informed me that my passport was invalid b/c I hadn't changed my name on it therefore he could confiscate it right there if he wanted to (thank you for letting me BACK into the USA). So I am fearful of traveling on my invalid passport now.

I've completed the paper work, got all the documentation to submit and ran off to CVS to get some pictures taken. So I got the photos taken, makeup-less and the day after a cross country flight. When I saw them on the screen, my initial thought was- wow, that looks terrible. But didn't think they would really be THAT bad when they were printed. Well... they were terrible. Dave and I joked about how terrible they were. The words 'before botox' came up as an example of how bad they were. And the more I looked and thought about them, the more I realized I just COULD NOT look at that god awful photo for the next 10 years. So I threw it away and went to get new ones taken- hair recently highlighted, makeup on, on the way out for a lunch with the girls. So I walk into CVS again and say I need some passport photos and the girl looks at me and says 'Didn't we already do passport photos for you?" Yes, I said, but they were so bad I couldn't bear to look at them for the next 10 years. So we take new ones, they look awful on the screen but I bet they'll look better on the paper but... they STILL LOOK TERRIBLE! ugh... I don't think I can go back again... but if I brought the bad ones in I, at least, wouldn't have to pay for them again...

How I titled my blog

While my memory fails in this story, I rely on my dear husband who claims this to be true and accurate. Whilst in dreamy slumberland I was allegedly knocked in the face by my husbands elbow (accidental, of course). To which I responded by shouting 'OW, THAT'S MY FACE'.

I'll need to try to set some rules on this blog, what I can and cannot say due to who would potentially have access to this... hmmm