Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches!

Our Christmas tree's branches are lovely. Gosh, I LOVE this time of year. Saturday we got our tree, wreath and branches/rope thing that hangs on the mantle. The tree is perfect... well, ok, it's a little crooked. It looks like it's leaning but I think it's just a crooked stem (oh please don't fall over, christmas tree...) It is decorated with colored lights that make me think of little candies. A few years ago my parents gave me some of my childhood ornaments (you know, the ones with my name on them or the ones I made, complete with photos of when I cute -and awkward). So I don't have a 'designer' tree this year, as my husband calls it. (my first tree as a grownup had only ball ornaments, it looked lovely but was deemed a 'designer' tree b/c of the uniform ornaments).

Its funny, as a grown up, I made certain decisions about Christmas-time. As a kid, I HATED taking out the tangled, sometimes rusty hangie hooks to hang the ornaments. So I decided, as a grownup, I will not keep those damn hangie hook things year after year. I will make the sacrifice and purchase a new pack for 99 cents every year. Having new hangie hook things makes hanging ornaments a lot more enjoyable- of course, that is when you have enough hangie things for your ornaments. This year we ran out of hangie hook things... I guess there was a reason my parents always held onto those stupid hangie hook things. Those parents, they are so smart!

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