Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Many Days of Christmas...

Well, after four Christmas celebrations spanning 4 homes, three states and travel by air and by car we've done it. We survived. Never mind the Christmas tree that was by our curb by 1pm on December 26th... never mind our Christmas decorations (that I love) are all lined up ready to be put back in their boxes in the basement... never mind the 5 bottles of wine/prosecco (average) I personally drank this Christmas season (not including the beers).... never mind the 5 (or so) pounds I added onto my butt and gut... never mind the dollars spent... never mind the TIME spent... this was a really wonderful Christmas.

And while it was absolutely wonderful, I am so happy it's over. I have to admit, this splitting Christmas between families is exhausting. AND both of our parents are still married to each other, I can't imagine what it would be like celebrating with any more family! Wow. Exhausting. And of course, last night, as we lay in bed, thoroughly drained, tossing and turning, we both wondered why the heck we couldn't fall asleep? (that's frustrating).

So onto resolutions... I make them, my husband doesn't. And I keep them in my planner and review them throughout the year and at the end of the year go through to see how many resolutions I kept. Shamefully I already threw away my resolutions for 08. But I didn't do so well which explains why I threw them out.

When I get a good list for this year, I may or may not share. But one of my resolutions will be to stop swearing. I have been noticing when people do and don't swear and their swearing really makes me flinch. Especially when people enunciate their swears. It's not unf*ckingbelievable. It's unF*CKINGbelievable. It's a bad bad habit that I am embarrassed of and need to eliminate certain words from my vocabulary. Like the F word. And the S word. And probably the B word. Not sure about the A word. At times that can be endearing. But not when accompanied by -hole. Hmmm... I'll work on that list.

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  1. My sentiments EXACTLY on the swearing. You beat me to the punch on blogging about it. But I have a pretty funny story, so I might just write it anyways.