Sunday, December 14, 2008

Babies Galore and Saturday Night Live

Friday night we had the pleasure of babysitting our little friend Luke. He was a happy little boy when his mom and dad dropped him off, laughing and smiling. They went off to a Christmas party left me with some diapers and bottles (enough for a few days worth) and some gear. Little one started fussing and looked awfully sleepy. Dear husband came home and played with him, tried to calm him down, and we wondered if we should feed him. So we gave him a bottle, he sucked a little and then wasn't interested. We figured he was really tired and we somehow lulled him off to sleep. (I felt awfully bad 'starting' the bottle knowing that milk would need to be used again in 4 hours or it would go to waste). Little one slept for about an hour, started to fuss so I picked him up, he snuggled and passed right back out for another hour or so. His mom and dad came to get him. We gave them the Luke-update and they were shocked at how much he slept and that he didn't want to eat. (we were terrified we might have thrown off their schedule for eating and sleeping and hoped they weren't going to be up all night). 'Since he was up should we give him the rest of the bottle?' I asked. Luke's Mom thought that was a great idea and went to get the bottle, took the nipple part off to remove the CAP... yes, there was a cap on there, a barrier preventing the milk from getting in the nipple part. Oh, did we know about this cap? NOPE. Poor little Luke. I was thrilled we didn't waste the milk, but oh my goodness. I was relieved to get the update the next day that the little sleepyhead slept well and so did Mom and Dad.

Saturday we headed to NYC to see Diana, Scott and little Isabelle. It was SO fun to see them, spend such good time with them and play a little bit with Isabelle. She is so happy and smiley and fun to play with. She was also really fun to watch eat! So cute. So we had dinner with them and then headed out for Hungarian dessert and then Saturday Night Live. We are not huge fans of SNL but Jenn suggested we put our name in for tickets and we got them with Hugh Laurie and Kanye West as the hosts we decided to go. It was really cool to see how the show was created and how it was organized: the stages, cameras and the people on the set. It also happened to be Amy Poehler's last show which was really neat to see. What I was most surprised at is how much the actors laugh at the skits when they are not on camera. It was cool, if anyone has the chance to go, I recommend it!


  1. Glad you guys ended up going to SNL!

  2. Yeah, wasn't it cool to see the show in person? I went several years ago when a friend of mine worked there. I couldn't believe how small the studio is! Sounds like you guys had fun. :)

  3. Thanks again for taking care of me. No worries about the bottle mishap... nothing Grandma hasn't done.