Sunday, November 30, 2008

Makes up for being a slacker-ass

Ok Ok, I admit it. Since I busted the ankle, I've been a slacker ass. My foot hurt terribly the first few weeks and I didn't do any outdoors work for fear of twisting the ankle any further. I've laid around doing a whole lot of nothing and selfishly enjoyed every single minute of it. But I really don't love doing nothing. And truly, I've done nothing for the past month. It's boring, but well, the busted ankle, threat of strep throat (it is a miracle my big-as-golfball-tonsils didn't catch it) and the cooler weather have all contributed to it. I thought this long weekend was going to result in another slacker-ass weekend. It all started like this...

Wednesday I got out of work early. I called around to a few of the gals for a drink but schedules didn't work out. I got my hair done, went home, changed into pjs and drank wine and pretended it was Friday (watched previously DVR'd tv shows while my husband fell asleep on the couch). Thursday we woke up, got dressed and headed to the in-laws for a yummy thanksgiving dinner. Ham was served which made me a happy little clam. We had appetizers, 'dinner', dessert, then a second dinner consisting of English muffin pizzas and pumpernickle and swiss cheese sandwiches and (of course) second dessert.

Friday- breakfast out with the in-laws and a rainy ride home. After that we laid around, read our books, watched tv, still in pjs (no shower) and then I decided... hey, I think I'll paint the window sills today. So I primered the windowsills.

This is where it gets weird. I woke up on Saturday thinking it was Sunday and realized I hadn't really done a darned thing this weekend. So, after dragging myself out of bed, I made sauce and breakfast at the same time. While hubby was making meatballs I put up the christmas lights outside. Then I painted the windowsills and we made homemade pasta. After the pasta was made, I made the Christmas Eve lasagna (and an extra b/c we had extra everything). We decided the windowsills looked so good we could remove all the doors on the first level, remove the hardware and hinges, primer and paint them, replace the hardware and hinges with some updated ones and rehang them. This included a trip to Home Depot (for anyone who is newly married- is it me, or does this damn trip ALWAYS result in an argument?)

Sunday: made the trip to Home Depot and another miracle! We did not get into a fight. I felt it coming on but then it passed. Oh, thank goodness because we have a lot of work ahead of us. We decided Saturday night that we could paint a coat of primer and paint each night during the week, so the job didn't have to get rushed through this weekend nor wait until next weekend. But, when we got all the stuff at home depot, and I've been a slacker-ass, I primered all those damn doors. TWICE! And shoot, they look so good, even withOUT the paint on them. A billion times better than that crappy dark wood we previously had. I held back on doing the painting today bc i was getting tired, hungry and crabby. While I was painting, hubby was replacing all the hinges on the doorframes. I was feeling a little rushed and didn't want to rush through this job and make it look sloppy. I had some lunches to cook for the week (which I had to cook twice because the first time I didn't cook the chicken all the way through). I made some more protein nuggets (with pumpkin).

Off to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and hopefully that's it. After all I feel like we've accomplished this weekend, it sure makes up for being a slacker-ass for the past month!

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