Saturday, November 15, 2008


Jenn forwarded me a 'tag' (gosh, I so don't understand some of this new-technology stuff) called Happiness. The rules are:

(1) List six things that make you happy
(2) Pass on to 6 more bloggers
(3) Link back to the person who linked you
(4) Link to the people you are passing it on to and leave them a comment to let them know.

Strangely, this task felt impossible. I thought about doing this for several days and finally last night and this morning attempted to find 6 things that make me happy. And I take this seriously. Not 6 things that make me proud or content, that's easy. Not six things I'm thankful for, that's easy too, especially all that is going on around us lately. Not six things people expect you to write. But truly, honestly, six things that make me HAPPY. I could, upon the first time thinking of it, only come up with one:

1- puppies. At first I considered it to be a wagging tail, but then needed to specify it was a dog, then thought about how adorable puppies' tails wag and realized it wasn't the tail but the puppy itself that makes me happy. When I see a puppy, no matter what my mood it, my face lights up, I feel a little drunk and generally my hands come together in front of my chest and I run toward them. Yes, puppies make me happy.

So I lay in bed thinking about other things. I even polled the audience. Hubby rattled off things that make him happy, and I truly believe they do- the house, the yard. The yard makes me happy too, because it makes him so unbelievably happy but it can't make the list. BUT, I think I found my number two:

2- doing things to make others happy. Or witnessing other people do things to make others happy. There is such a truly beautiful sense of giving that makes me feel happy. Whether it be gift buying or cooking for people, whatever, it is the act of making others happy that makes me happy. Two birds with one stone kinda thing.

This quickly led me to number three. Which is similar to puppies:

3- old people, preferably old men. There is something so truly adorable about old people. Their wrinkles and slow movements, the way their wrinkly eyes sparkle when they smile and the laughter that can make me feel safe and warm. They have this wisdom about them after years of living that makes them spectacular. I'm not talking about our parents age, I'm talking OLD people. To me our parents are middle-age. I'm talking minimum 70 years old, white haired, cute, little, long ear-lobed old people. And little old men who unabashedly flirty with young women. People who can openly cry at the sight of a little baby. People who can appreciate taking moments out but have the devilish spirit of a 6 year old. It might be weird, but old people make me happy.

This is where I kind of got stuck. I kept trying to think about what things give me the same response that seeing puppies do. That's when it struck me:

4- Friends. Seeing old friends or friends I haven't seen in a while. Maybe this means that I take my friends I see all the time for granted. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my friends regularly. That makes me feel content. But seeing dear friends who I don't get to see often invokes the same response puppies do: hands together at the chest, big smile interrupted by little giggles followed with holding back tears of joy. Some people value their self worth based on money they make or materials things they own or a title/position they carry. I value my self worth from the richness of my friendships. I take friendships very seriously and cherish them deeply. Seeing friends makes me happy.

Oh god, I can't remember the last two... I had them, laying in bed, just 20 minutes ago... I'll have to take a break but shamefully this task did not come easily to me. Oh, well this wasn't on the list but something that just popped into my head is, I suppose, an addendum to number 2- surprises. I love surprises. Either creating a surprise for others or being surprised myself. The conspiring of a surprise is so fun and sneaky and similar to happiness item #2, but I also LOVE being surprised myself. Little packages in the mail, even unexpected phone calls.

Taking a pause to try to remember the last 2 items. 10:10 AM.

10:48 AM:

Oh, I've remembered one more:

5- laying in bed in-between snoozes with my honey. Since we tend to get up early we don't often have this snuggle time but in-between snoozes I love spooning. That is such special time together and nothing making us jump out of bed (no puppies, babies or gym-going) allows me to snuggle in and feel so happy. Those are the moments when I think about my life and all that in encompassed in it and feel so happy and lucky to have all I have.

Oh yes, gosh my memory is terrible. And number 6

6- Nature's Wonders- I could just say the window of our bedroom but that would be weird. But all the things that nature does to create beauty- surprising rainbows and crystal clear blue water, brilliant flowers and vegetables, amazing sunsets. The surprises that nature brings always brightens my thoughts- even the little yellow leaf that drifted by the window (just now, as I type this) makes me happy. I mentioned our bedroom window because of the beautiful yellow hue that we see when we look out it. It's been a joy to wake up to this week, so brilliantly yellow. And oftentimes, no matter where I live, in the Autumn, there is a very large and incredibly busy spider that makes a web in my window (on the outside). It's amazing to me how delicate and detailed the webs Charlotte (that's what I name her every year) builds. It's a wonder to me how she does it and some days I've spent longer watching her than I do taking a shower.

So, that's 6 things that make me happy. WOW, it was a surprisingly difficult feat, but having accomplished it, perhaps I realize I should focus or seek out the things that make me happy rather on dwelling on the things that bring me down.
I know the rules are to forward on to other people who blog, but really, the only person I know well enough to ask to do this is Jenn, who already did it. So, truly I did this for happiness reason #2- to make her happy. It made me happy too. Thank you Jenn!

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  1. aw, shucks, thanks! It made me very happy to read!