Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Shopping Success story

We were offered a free 60 day membership to BJs in the mail and decided to give it a try. It's one of those things we wonder if we'd actually benefit from a membership to one of those warehouse clubs. And for reasons I can't describe, I do NOT want any part of Sam's club as much as I try to avoid Walmart. So BJs gave us a trial and based on our theory of 'buy only what you need for the week' mentality, I wondered how my sweetie would handle this trip. For only two people, going to a place like this equals 'buy toilet paper for the year'. I seriously thought my husband would have a harder time with this trip than I would. So we get our pretend membership card and as we get out of line, sweetie-with-the-cart beelines for the medicine aisle. Since the foot-thing I've eaten a good amount of our advil supply. So we definitely needed advil. We got some. Also use a good amount of lotion, deodorant, razor blades, hairspray and powerbars. We got them. We also got a good amount of day-quil/ni-quil, in case of sudden freak illness (like last year). This toiletry stuff is expensive! so the discounts were really remarkable. The lotion price was amazing! But we probably won't need to buy lotion until this time next year. We have enough trail mix mixins to last us months! 5 lbs or raisins goes a long way when mixing with cranberries, almonds, peanuts and, of course, m&ms. And after all our shopping, and a ridiculous amount of money spent, I don't feel nearly as excited as I did after my Ann Taylor Loft visit... maybe b/c most of the stuff bought is not for me... Yes, there is some for me, but I sit here, stunned and wondering, what happened to the 'buy what we need' guy? The guy who helped me appreciate the 'at the end of the week the fridge and cupboards are empty' guy. The guy who has always impressed me at his impeccable ability to truly buy food only for the week and by Saturday there is NO more food in the house. (I even got to a point a few weeks ago to buy 4 cans of soup in case of a sudden illness or freak storm we wouldn't starve to death). I don't know what happened to him, but it makes me feel a little better about the Ann Taylor Loft visit.

Foot Update: considerable progress with the range of motion and pain free steps/motions. I feel so much better I'm going to attempt an easy visit to the gym/bike. I hate the bike, but I need to do something.

What we ate: tonight we tried some Halibut steaks, pan fried in oil, garlic and shallots and white wine, topped with some leftover home-made pesto, wild rice and broccoli. We were impressed with the steak-i-ness of the frozen halibut (not from BJs) and would definitely try again (perhaps with the 8 tuna steaks for 10.99 from BJs?)

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