Saturday, October 25, 2008

UCONN Football Security Detail

I'm pretty sure I didn't break anything by HOLY goodness does it HURT. The pictures don't really do it justice but it's nasty and swollen. My honey has been great taking care of me, but I'm pretty sure I've taken my max of advil for the day so I'm going to bed.

At the UCONN game today a fight between two idiots erupted in our section. As they got closer (walking down the steps) more and more people were getting involved. It got bigger and uglier and was getting closer to us. There were no security people around and no one seemed to be getting security so I took off down the steps and rolled my ankle- pretty bad. I got to the bottom of the steps, couldn't find security and couldn't walk. I asked someone to help and he pointed out a semi-important security lady (she had a headset and a WHITE coat, not the neon yellow the others wear) coming toward me so I told them about the fight. The woman (prob not going to break up the fight....) ran up the stairs calling for the police. Meanwhile I wobbled up the steps back to my husband who might have been wondering where I disappeared to. Several people saw me fall and asked if I was ok (what do you say? 'Oh, thanks for asking but no, I'm not really sure if I'm ok. we'll find out tomorrow'?). I guess the fight ended with one idiot pushing the other one so he fell down the stairs (head-first). He didn't hit his head, according to eye witnesses, but landed on his body, then just got up and left. We left after that too. I hobbled to a place I could wait so sweetie-pie could go wander the fields of the stadium parking and try to find the car. I think it's just a bad sprain, but what do I know? It hurts, it's swollen and it's turning a lovely hue of purple as I type this. Oh man, what a bummer.

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