Thursday, October 30, 2008

A New Love... Ann Taylor Loft

So, I went to Evergreen Walk last night. I hobbled around looking for a birthday present for my sis-in-law's birthday and hobbled into Ann Taylor Loft. I was in there with my mom a few weeks ago and liked the stuff there but didn't try anything on b/c I am a bad shopper often going in the dressing room 2-3 times with more armfuls of stuff only to come out with 2 things that fit or that I want to buy. So I went in with one armful, tried on some pants, shirts, sweaters etc. The stuff mostly was on sale but when I try things on and am 'iffy' about it I say in my head- if this costs more than 25, I won't buy it. Or I like this for $30 or less. So I pick a few things, surprised at how much I love this new store (first time I ever went into the store was a few weeks ago with mom) and ask the sales lady about the pants I picked (they were called 'Ann') and she gives me a quick lesson on how to shop in the store. While I'm checking out she says 'yeah, we're having this great sale all the things you bought are an extra 40% off and if you open an Ann Taylor loft card you get an extra 20% off'. So I hobble quickly back to my dressing room to reevaluate all the things I didn't get b/c they were a little too expensive (something $34.99 now falls under my 'under $30' pricing with the discount!). OH NO all my clothes are gone! (man, I was JUST in there). So I rush back to the desk and say 'I was just in there and want to get more stuff b/c of the extra 40% off, can you help me find my stuff?' So they direct me to the things I tried on and I grab a few more things and check out. Total savings were OVER $100. Yes! And I got an Ann Taylor Loft card. I feel like Laura, I want to go back this weekend for more stuff (is that bad?). Who am I?

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