Thursday, October 9, 2008

FINALLY Tom Brady had his surgery!

I don't know why I've been completely obsessed with Tom Brady's broken ACL and his need for surgery. But I have a few guesses:

1- Perhaps it is because I live in New England and for the last 5(?) years of my life Tom Brady has been my boyfriend
2- Perhaps because I've had the surgery myself and want to share something special with my boyfriend
3- Perhaps I know how quick the 'recovery' is but how long it takes to actually trust your new knee (as I would suspect the greatest football player in the league would need to relearn to do)
4- Perhaps it's because since Tommy hurt his knee, there haven't been any pictures, articles, comments or pictures (did I say that?) of him anywhere in the media

But seriously, what took him so long?!?

And the same with his buddy/pal Coach Weis!?! I have a few ideas why Coach Weis hasn't gotten the surgery yet actually. I suspect it either has to do with his already-screwed-up legs from his botched stomach stapling surgery but perhaps it could also be that unless you intend to be active in your regular life, you can live with a busted ACL. Since Coach Weis's weekends probably (I am speculating here) don't consist of pick-up basketball games or a volleyball game at a neighborhood picnic, he can live without the surgery. However, for a quarterback, playing in a game where men the size of my car are trained to clobber my poor sweet beautiful Tom as hard as they possibly can- yes, he definitely needed that surgery.

As you can imagine, I am relieved to hear Tommy had the surgery. I just wish I could be there to comfort him and care for him. As my husband puts it when I mentioned Tom Brady being my boyfriend: He'll just knock you up and leave you for a supermodel. My response was: That's ok, I'm married.

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  1. So first of all, I have to fight you for MY boyfriend~ I love Tom!!

    Second ~I can't believe you've lived in N.E. for 5 years!! It feels like we were living in the Sunset just yesterday!!