Monday, September 22, 2008

Drunken Chicken and Little Munchkins

So I've decided to blog and not do facebook (Sorry Jenn!). I want to put stuff out there hoping to get some family members to check regularly. Since you don't need to join to see the blog, I'm keeping this!

So Dave and I decided to buy some Organic, Free-Range, Locally Grown chickens (from Old Maid Farm in Glastonbury). Neither of us ever cooked a whole chicken so we were concerned about using an expensive one for our first time. I cooked an Big Y oven roaster chicken a few weeks ago in the oven and I have to admit, I didn't really like it. (surprisingly because I really enjoyed the beer can chicken Cathy made a few weeks ago for us). But mine was really blah, bland and I was terrified of poisoning Dave and I with Salmonilla due to undercooking. But we have these 3 chickens in our freezer and we absolutely are going to eat them (too darn expensive to not eat them). After my first attempt I confessed to Dave that I didn't really like it so he could cook however he wants. He decided to do a beer can chicken. This was a lot of fun to prop the chicken up on the device and we salted and peppered, stuffed with herbs from our garden and added the beer to the device. The Charlie the Chicken and Sam Adams, the beer got nice and friendly.

In the end, the chicken didn't fit on the new grill, so we had to cook in the oven (with the beer in the stand. The chicken cavity was too narrow to push the chicken further. We have lots of funny chicken/beer pictures. But this is my favorite. hee hee hee

We also spent the morning with the munchkins at the park Saturday! What a treat. They are cute as pie and it is really fun to play in the park with them. Especially b/c I fit on the slides so I can slide down after them. Here are some great picts!

Little guy was tired this day. But it was the first time we saw him while he started walking so it was fun to watch him walk and explore:

Always a monkey, it's amazing how tall he is and how good he is at climbing and sliding! So cute:

She was having so much fun giggling and running around. She LOVES the swings! And I love her shoes!

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