Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 years at work and Christmas Time

Wow, I knew my 5 year anniversary at work would be some sort of celebration, but had no idea it'd be full of balloons and a cake at my desk and a gold watch! (JUST KIDDING). There were no balloons or cake and no celebrations or anything like that but I did get to choose a gift- I picked a carry on luggage piece (which I was going to shop for tomorrow, consequently!) So nice. Thank you Company! With the tough times we are going through I'm surprised for any gift, though my company has always taken really good care of their employees. So nice!

AND, yesterday I bought my first Christmas present. It's for Sus, my sister-in-law. I'm excited because I've grown so tired of looking at lists and buying exactly what's on the list. And this is so fun b/c I think she'll like it and she didn't even ask for it! Whoo hoo! But on that same topic, it's nice to get someone something they actually want or will use. I go back and forth with the gift lists- it's helpful to give to people who may not be around me too often, so they may not know my style or size or what I wish I had, but might not 'ask' for it on a list. But I think what I need to do in order to maintain this no-list stuff is to do more shopping.

SO, here's a call for all those who LOVE shopping, please invite me along any time so I can browse and buy some surprise christmas gifts!

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