Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 years at work and Christmas Time

Wow, I knew my 5 year anniversary at work would be some sort of celebration, but had no idea it'd be full of balloons and a cake at my desk and a gold watch! (JUST KIDDING). There were no balloons or cake and no celebrations or anything like that but I did get to choose a gift- I picked a carry on luggage piece (which I was going to shop for tomorrow, consequently!) So nice. Thank you Company! With the tough times we are going through I'm surprised for any gift, though my company has always taken really good care of their employees. So nice!

AND, yesterday I bought my first Christmas present. It's for Sus, my sister-in-law. I'm excited because I've grown so tired of looking at lists and buying exactly what's on the list. And this is so fun b/c I think she'll like it and she didn't even ask for it! Whoo hoo! But on that same topic, it's nice to get someone something they actually want or will use. I go back and forth with the gift lists- it's helpful to give to people who may not be around me too often, so they may not know my style or size or what I wish I had, but might not 'ask' for it on a list. But I think what I need to do in order to maintain this no-list stuff is to do more shopping.

SO, here's a call for all those who LOVE shopping, please invite me along any time so I can browse and buy some surprise christmas gifts!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Drunken Chicken and Little Munchkins

So I've decided to blog and not do facebook (Sorry Jenn!). I want to put stuff out there hoping to get some family members to check regularly. Since you don't need to join to see the blog, I'm keeping this!

So Dave and I decided to buy some Organic, Free-Range, Locally Grown chickens (from Old Maid Farm in Glastonbury). Neither of us ever cooked a whole chicken so we were concerned about using an expensive one for our first time. I cooked an Big Y oven roaster chicken a few weeks ago in the oven and I have to admit, I didn't really like it. (surprisingly because I really enjoyed the beer can chicken Cathy made a few weeks ago for us). But mine was really blah, bland and I was terrified of poisoning Dave and I with Salmonilla due to undercooking. But we have these 3 chickens in our freezer and we absolutely are going to eat them (too darn expensive to not eat them). After my first attempt I confessed to Dave that I didn't really like it so he could cook however he wants. He decided to do a beer can chicken. This was a lot of fun to prop the chicken up on the device and we salted and peppered, stuffed with herbs from our garden and added the beer to the device. The Charlie the Chicken and Sam Adams, the beer got nice and friendly.

In the end, the chicken didn't fit on the new grill, so we had to cook in the oven (with the beer in the stand. The chicken cavity was too narrow to push the chicken further. We have lots of funny chicken/beer pictures. But this is my favorite. hee hee hee

We also spent the morning with the munchkins at the park Saturday! What a treat. They are cute as pie and it is really fun to play in the park with them. Especially b/c I fit on the slides so I can slide down after them. Here are some great picts!

Little guy was tired this day. But it was the first time we saw him while he started walking so it was fun to watch him walk and explore:

Always a monkey, it's amazing how tall he is and how good he is at climbing and sliding! So cute:

She was having so much fun giggling and running around. She LOVES the swings! And I love her shoes!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taking a Poll

Blogging or Facebook- which is better?

I have been thinking about joining facebook. I am not sure what I will do while on it, but the 'con' is I can't access it from work. And I just don't see myself checking in very often at home. But I can't help but wonder if that would increase my contact with far-away friends and learn what they're up to on a more regular basis.

Funny when you talk to someone and it's been a long time since the last time you chatted. I find myself having nothing to say - 'so what's been up?' 'oh, nothing much' But if I talked to people regularly, I'm sure I'd have WAY more stuff to talk about...

How about that the house in our neighborhood caught on fire last night! Ok, well there were no flames coming from windows or anything, but 5 firetrucks, about 30 firefighters, 2 hydrants tapped and the ladder truck was used. The firefighter on the ladder broke open a top floor window and smoke came pouring out. then they put a big red fan (why is all fire fighter stuff red?) and the smoke poured out. No one was hurt, lots of neighbors standing around looking (at 10:30 pm I met a new neighbor!) and lots of sirens, lights and hoses. Very very exciting. But I have to admit, if a friend called from long distance, and they asked 'what's up' that story probably wouldn't be what I mention. weird.

So does anyone read my blog? Would facebook be a better option? I just don't know. But if anyone has an opinion about that, please send a note. I'm curious.

Tally ho!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blow Me Hanna...

said the guy's garbage bag/shirt at the Jimmy Buffett concert yesterday. My first anniversary present was tickets to this concert and it was Dave's first Jimmy concert ever. We were very excited but the days leading up to this concert confirmed everyone's worries. Yes, we would experience Hanna, the hurricane, during the Saturday night concert time.

Now, for all you parrotheads out there who love Jimmy Buffett as much as I do realize the irony of this. Jimmy Buffett, a hurricane, concert, etc. Heck, he even has a song named "Tryin to Reason with the Hurricane Season". I thought to myself, 'this is my Notre Dame football game. If it's raining, we are still going' and Dave never voiced any concern or disgruntlment about the weather and this monumental event. Friday night, Dave gets an email from Stubhub alerting him the concert time has been moved from 8pm to 3pm.

On Saturday morning, at 11:15 Dave and I are out the door. We have a change of clothes, some rain gear and a 6 pack of beer. We didn't plan to tailgate for hours b/c of the worrisome weather. Enduring a concert in the rain is very different from tailgating in the rain. So we arrive around 1. Walk around, armed with our tall-boy Miller Lite (we tailgate in STYLE) and Dave experiences a very subdued Parrothead crowd. Sure, there were RVs that looked like pirate ships and women flashing for jello shots. Shrimp on the BBQ and lobsters boiling in pots heated on a char-grill. It was a honed-down version of a Buffett concert, but still the grass skirts, hawaiian shirts, beads, coconut bras and one, very exposed, very hairy... fairy. He had on some red roushing materials, something thonglike- I saw his butt crack, and looked like a nutcase and a fairy. Lovely.

So as the time gets closer to get to the concert, Dave and I head in, armed with a waterproof blanket, rain jacket and a Landshark Lager flag we picked up on the way in. We find a great spot in the lawn, close to the bottom, front and center. We sit leisurely, sipping more beer waiting for the concert to start. It begins with some guys on stilts dancing to 'Feeling HOT HOT HOT' (which it was. It was hot and humid. Sticky hot and humid- but no rain... yet.)

Jimmy Buffett comes out next, he's in a T shirt, shorts and no shoes. He sings a few songs I never heard (must be newer) then starts to sing an old song. As the skies open and and Hanna lets loose her fury. And what did the parrotheads do? Dance, laugh, sing and embrace the hurricane. Jimmy made a few comments about the weather out in the lawn (much of the seating was covered, but not the lawn). So he sings and sings. And we wet Parrotheads dance and laugh and sing. I look down at our waterproof blanket and there is a slowly growing river of water running over it, so I ball it up and shove to the side. The rain comes down harder, the beer flows better, the music continues. Then the rain stops. The music and dancing do not. MAN, it was fun. Then the rain begins, harder this time. People are slipping and falling into the mud (or sliding down it like a dirty slip N slide), Jimmy Buffett is singing and enjoying himself, and I did too. Man, I had a great time. It was so fun, rain included. It was so perfect, at a Jimmy Buffett concert, to be stuck in a hurricane and the concert still went on. In my opinion, the concert ended rather quickly- he came out for only one encore even though I was yelling for him to sing more, it was a great concert, as always. And I think Dave had fun too! I love that boy!