Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running Group

I ran with a running group last night. Cathy does it more regularly (preparing for the half marathon) and I tagged along for an evening run in West Hartford. The loop was created by the owners of Fleet Feet, a kick-butt store in West Hartford Center. It was a pleasant run, only a few times did I want to take a break but didn't. (well, except for when I fell down- that was a brief break, but my feet were happy with time I was off them).

Cathy also recommended a website which take a bit of getting used to, but really neat. It's called you have to register (it's free) and you can map out runs you want to do or have done. It saves them and tracks the mileage which is cool. But you can also search for runs in your town or area.

Looking forward to the next run but wow, that website makes me excited about running more.

Thanks Cathy, for revving up my passion again!

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