Monday, August 4, 2008

Kinda nothin...

I don't have that much to update anything. This weekend was lazy. We babysat little Luke was fun- Jenn, Dave and I teamed up to do it. A dirty diaper and some food made little Luke happy as a snuggle bug. We had dinner at Cathy's last night- she made beer can chicken on the grill and it was absolutely delicious. What a lovely summer night.

So it's one week countdown to Dave's birthday which is very fun. We have plans to have dinner at Sauce in Glastonbury (how do I make the link on my blog to that website, that'd be cool). we are very excited about ordering rice balls- apparently they are little pockets of yumminess. Really excited about it.

Oh, and I made yummy lunch for this week. I made sauteed onions, peppers and grilled some steak for salad (with chick peas and tomatoes and feta). It was so delicious. I can't wait to eat again tomorrow. But heading to Jenna's tonight for falafels.

This week: looking forward to dinner with Dave, Jenn and Ryan at Black Eyed Sallys. Hartford is doing that pre-fix meals for $20.08. Last year we went to Carbones which was absolutely excellent. Looking forward to seeing Ryan- it's been a few weeks!

See, nothing really all that exciting. I'm sure next/this upcoming (I always mess that up) weekend will be great. we're also thinking about going to Newport or Block Island for the day too on Saturday. FUN

Oh, bunch of nonsense, but felt pressured to write something. I'm still loving the pictures of the chickens though.

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