Monday, July 28, 2008

Self Guided Tour, Fresh Pasta and a Rainy Game of UNO

What a great weekend. Saturday Jenn and I took a self-guided farm tour in Glastonbury. I'm really interested in finding some local produce and perhaps meat but want to check out the living conditions of the animals first. Our first stop was at Old Maids Farm in Glastonbury. The honor-system market was a bit disappointing but after some crazy lady started screaming to the farm-workers that they had customers (and Jenn and I lowered our heads in mortification) someone came over and eventually the farmer came over. I asked him about the eggs, the chickens and the produce. He gave me some quick info and pointed us to the chickens. So we headed over to the chickens who were, quite possibly some of the happiest and yummiest looking chickens ever. This is truly free ranging:

So we're looking and taking pictures and telling them that they'll soon be my dinner when the farmer comes around in this HUGE tractor and waves me over and tells me to climb up so I can see the turkeys. The turkeys live in this big giant pen where they eat seeds and bugs and grain (that's grown on the farm, shipped up to a turkey feed manufacturer and processed and then brought back). They run around and chase each other and as the farmer demonstrated, if you gobble at them, they will gobble back.

We then hit some standard G'bury farms: Roses, Dondero, Robbs (where we bought eggs), Belltown. Old Maids is the only certified organic, the rest were just yummy and wonderful. Lots of berry pickers!

Saturday night we had Jenna, Brian and Luke over for a feast (made by Dave)- homemade pasta, meat sauce and some non meat for Jenna. It was delicous and a great visit with the Serigneses. Really wonderful. Thanks Dave!

And Sunday, after the most amazing thunder and lightening storm I have ever experienced at 4:30 in the morning, Dave and I headed to Bev and Chris's place on the lake. It was a really great visit with them, though rainy. We had an intense and full-of-trash-talking game of UNO. Chris beat me out by 5 points from being the winner. And Dave and Bev competed for the highest score. Very fun. We're hoping to get a visit in with them (and the sunshine) sometime this summer.

What a great weekend. Man, this summer has been so incredibly relaxing. I'm just loving it!

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