Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lake, Lake, Lake

What an amazing weekend we had! Wow. We are still truly enjoying the kitchen and celebrated our Houseaversary. But don't let me get ahead of myself

Friday we took off from work. We had a big lovely breakfast (cooked in our fab new kitchen) of left over pork tenderloin, onions and scrambled eggs, coffee (equal parts Starbucks French Roast and O'o Hawaiian Farm Organic Blend), cinnamon chip scones and toast con marmelada. Yum! Then we packed up a little picnic and headed to Crystal Lake in Ellington. This is a really lovely clear lake. There is a small beach the public can use for a small fee. There are trees that make shade on the beach and is just a lovely spot. We spent the day there, then on the way home, stopped to spend a ridiculous amount of money on lobsters for dinner. The guy had a heck of a time getting the the lobbies into the take-home bag but soon we were heading to our house with lobsters in tow. We also grabbed some snackie foods and dessert and enjoyed ourselves a little feast on the back, complete with prosecco. YUM. What a wonderful way to spend our houseaversary (one week late).

Saturday we woke up, did a few things and realized we enjoyed Crystal Lake so much on Friday that we decided to go again. We sat in the shade of the tree this time, to beat the heat, which was about 95 with about 95% humidity. WOW it was HOT this weekend. It was a lovely day spent at the lake again, lots of reading and some plans to make a vegetable garden next spring which is incredibly fun to me!

Sunday Jenn and I met for a giant breakfast and then headed to Bev and Chris's place on Pauchaug Lake. What a lovely lake. We laughed at Izzie's fear of swimming and enjoyed a well cooked lunch (thanks Chris). We took a lovely and relaxing boat trip with Chris's parents and then headed home.

This was exactly the weekend Dave and I hoped for. We specifically wanted to relax this summer and enjoy the area around us. It was amazing. We did very little work and got tons of relaxation in. What a wonderful weekend- ahhhh... summer in New England. LOVE IT!

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