Friday, July 4, 2008

Hawaii Recap

Aloha! Wow, our trip was great. We arrived via San Francisco/Liz's wedding on Sunday afternoon. We grabbed or tough-as-nails jeep wrangler and off we were to our truly amazing hotel. It was perfect, just what we needed- on the beach, with a pool, bar, restaurant, big bed, etc. We pit-stopped in Lahina to get some water and a few other things. Monday we laid on the beach to challenge the 'spf' of any and all sunscreen. We lost. The sun is really strong and despite the breeze and even, at times, the sunshiny rain, we got burned. Dave worse than I, mine you could just see where the sunscreen got rubbed off. Dave was cooked. That night we have dinner in Lahaina and saw an amazing sunset (a theme throughout the trip). Tuesday was our surfing lesson day. We both got up and despite our co-lesson-taker getting bit by a fish (i'm not kidding) we all got up and rode some waves. Awesome.

Wednesday we decided to go to place called the O'o Farm. There are a few restaurants where some guy with the last name McDonald is the owner and Exec Chef. And he decided that he wanted to grow his own produce on the island, rather than buy from the mainland. So he started a farm and calls it O'o Farm (his restaurants are Pacific'o and I'o). So we took a tour of the farm, had a scrumptous meal. They were most excited about and offered for us to stick our noses in to take a whiff of their composting capabilities. I was most impressed with the coffee trees and am excited to have bought (and you think starbucks is expensive coffee) a pound of O'o farmed coffee. :) On the way home, we swung by Mt. Haleakala (though not for sunrise). It was a wonderful day!

Thursday, though, is the funniest and craziest. We planned to do the Road to Hana that day, which was described to us a windy narrow road to a little town called Hana. So we wake up early to beat the tourists and leave our room at about 6:30. Pack up the car and a picnic of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Dave begins backing out of our parking spot- our VERY VERY tight parking spot that someone in a pontiac parked way to close to us. And our front bumper must have just grabbed their back bumper and POP POP POP CRUNCH as Dave backs out of our spot we tear off the other car's bumper. That was followed by 'F*CK!' as loud as possible. Oh man. (see below)

So we sort it all out, tell hotel management and get on our way to Hana, though driving very carefully and quite timidly. Those who've done the Road to Hana know that being timid on that road is a bad mix. The road to Hana was amazing. People say it's about the journey, not the destination. But they don't mention that taking your time to (and past) Hana is wonderful but getting home isn't all that leisurely and beautiful. Ok, for those who've never done it. There is a cliff on one side of the road and mountains on the other. The road has hairpin curves all through it and the road is barely wide enough for two cars to be on it. There are places where only one car fits you need to wait for oncoming traffic to pass through. It takes you from the shore to the rainforests, to black sand beaches and waterfalls. It was beautiful. Truly amazing. Scary as hell. At the end are the Seven Sacred Pools (which actually aren't sacred- probably b/c all these unholy people have been swimming in them, and there's more like 20 pools, but it sounds nice and is breathtaking. This is a view of the ocean, looking out from the Seven Pools

Friday we decide to head out for breakfast and on our way out (I backed out of the parking spot) I noticed we had a semi-flat tire. Unbelievable. I got the Engineering crew to help me change the tire and we found a goodyear tire (Lahaina Tire) to help us fix the one with a nail in it. The lovely man did it for us for no charge. So wonderful. So sweet. It was great. So we went to breakfast, headed back to our hotel. We hung by the pools and appreciated the cloud cover we had to make the sun a bit less scary. We did some snorkling at Black Rock (which happened to be right at our hotel). And ate at Pacific'o (Chef McDonald and his farm). the meal was wonderful- I think every single one of the waitstaff and managers came over to introduce themselves to us and asked what we liked most about the trip to the farm (it was in their computer system that we'd done the farm tour). The biologist who gave us the tour of the farm was working at the restaurant that day as a host or something and kept bringing us extra glasses of wine etc ('on the house') We felt like celebrities! Just for taking a tour of a farm! Very cool. And then Saturday, off to Oakland. Oh man, what a trip. It was just amazing. Just truly wonderful. The part that made Hawaii so beautiful were the people. During our car ordeal, people were very helpful, the waitstaff everywhere was so friendly. Our surfing instructor is Dave's idol. He had a pretty sweet life, I admit. It's a wonder why more people don't move to Maui. Really. While floating in the waves one day we brought up the topic of retiring there. We'd have to save a lot lot lot more money but would be pretty amazing!

Ok, so that's our Hawaii recap. Amazing. Wonderful. Stress reducing. Just wonderful. I wish we were still there.


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