Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Baby Bunnies!

So the bunny who wanted to make a nest in our front yard (you know, the one Dave was chasing OUT of our yard with a shovel) must have had babies recently. We saw a grownup bunny and a little tiny baby bunny (maybe 4 inches long) in our neighbors yard this morning. So cute and fuzzy. I'm so happy for the momma bunny and for Dave- but I'm sure this thought crossed his mind: Oh great, one more to contend with!

Kitchen is not done yet. We were supposed to have the counters installed today but there is a delay in the fabrication of the countertops. This is a huge bummer. We're also experiencing a plumbing issue which is scary and gross. We noticed a pretty steady leak in the basement that I'm sure was leaking all night long. And it seems like all our kitchen water/waste that went down the kitchen sink has ended up in our downstairs tub... our contractors working on it. :(

But the little baby bunny makes the day a beautiful one! Cute little bunny. Reminded me of one of my favorite books growing up where a grownup bunny goes to the doctor for a checkup and in the bottom corner of the book a little baby bunny (or was it perhaps a mouse) goes to the doctor too. So cute.

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