Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aloha, my little Keikis

(Translation for you non-Hawaiian speaking folks: Hello my little babies/kiddies)

Hawaii was the most amazing and wonderous place. Wow, the people and the mindset and the way of living was EXACTLY what I needed. I was practically confessing my love for Mauians (is that how you say it?) by the end of the trip- in fact, I told the waiter how much I loved the people here.

But, our trip began with Liz's wedding at Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco. The hotel was awesome -including the slightly terrifying sound of someone screaming in the hallway- 'Don't hurt me, Please sir, don't hurt me. Help! Help!' I immediately called the operator and they dispatched security. As the screaming continued- 'Please sir, don't hurt me!' I peered out the door with the lock on and couldn' t see anything. So I sent out Dave to see if someone was in trouble (phone in hand and 91 dialed, ready to dial the remaining 1). He walked around the corner then put his hand up and backed away. Apparently the naked-as-a-jaybird man was being held down by three hotel security guards and the police were called. Police arrived, all the while the screaming continued, and the he was gone.

Liz's wedding was wonderful. The hotel was absolutely breathtaking as was the bride and groom. The reception was fun, the music was festive and the food was delicious. It was a wonderful wedding.

I realized I should stop and do this at home (yes, I blog from work) so I can add photos for the Hawaii post. So with that, I bid you another Aloha!

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  1. I just can't believe that Colleen told the waiter that she loves everyone. So out of character. ;)