Thursday, June 5, 2008

Visit with Kristine and Jake

Went to Kristine's house last night to visit her and Jake. She looks amazing! And Jake was a peaceful little sleeper when I was there -though I understand he was up all day with no sleeping but must have known his friend Colleen was coming to visit. He is just adorable. I brought some food that Jenn and I made. Cathy attempted to make a mac and cheese but it spilled all over her oven.

Physical therapy today- it really should be called 'therapy' and not physical. They've eliminated the 'physical' part of it - which was stretching- hardly physical. Now I get heat, ultrasound and iontopherisis. I don't even stand up the whole time. I bring my coffee and a book and with pillows supporting my sitting up, I spend an hour with the lovely therapists. Seems like I really just need to stop doing the gym work so have decided on a new workout plan- just need to actually get up out of bed for it- which I failed at this moming...

Happy Thursday!

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