Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two and a Half Days til... we relax...

We leave for Hawaii! Oh my gosh! It is just so crazy. Oh, ok, it's not really 2.5 until Hawaii, but until Dave and I leave for 10 days. We head to SF first for my friend Liz's wedding! Then off to Hawaii, amazing. Then back for our anniversary! And hopefully our kitchen being done/remodeled.

I am really excited for this trip for several reasons. One being Liz's wedding which I'm sure will be absolutely amazing. She has remarkable taste and a great jazz voice- the music is bound to be amazing. The wedding is at a boutique hotel. it's big, but kitchy. Called the Sir Francis Drake- the doormen look like the guys from Alice in Wonderland. So fun! I think the walls have striped wallpaper too.

And secondly, I am thrilled about going to Hawaii. Wow, you have no idea. But what I'm really also excited about is the fact that I need a break.

Life has been stressful. Very stressful. Stressful in the little things. Like the bunny who has decided to dig a hole in our front yard, then rip the grass out next to the hole and fill the hole with the torn out grass. This makes Dave really mad. And he runs after the bunny throwing things at it. One day chased it with a shovel, which was damn funny to watch. I'm sure he doesn't like me laughing at him either, but picture him, skinny legs and all, running after a little bunny muttering his anger at the bunny. (we're certain the bunny needs to find a place to have babies, and hope she finds a place a bit more private, not the middle of our front yard- the back yard would be lovely for birthing bunnies, but this one is a creepy exibitionist apparently)

We keep buying hoses that leak- we're on our third- annoying. The kitchen is in shambles b/c of the remodel. Work just sucks lately. I don't like my haircut... AGAIN. There are like 90 different 'white' pain chips at the store- how are you supposed to choose? My ankle is still busted, but possibly improving.

But, for some reason, after Hawaii, I truly believe all the stresses of life will go away. Our lives (and hopefully our kitchen) will be back in order. We won't be wondering how we are supposed to pick one of the 90 whites for our trim. We won't worry about how to clean things in our bathroom sink or anything like that. Cooking will be part of our lives again. And starting Friday, our goal is to absolutely and utterly RELAX. And maintain that through the summer and into Autumn.

Maybe I should also write more often, less long. I don't liek reading long blogs, can't imagine anyone finished this one. But if you did, thanks.

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  1. I finished it, and I enjoy your long blog, and your short ones. Enjoy Hawaii - wahoo!