Thursday, June 19, 2008

Girls of a Tender Age

Just finished a book (perfect before a vacation- who wants to bring an almost-finished book on vacation!?) This book was an interesting look at a period of Hartford's history. The story was gripping, amazing and well told- about a girl growing up in a Hartford neighborhood after World War II when a sexual predator assaults one pre-teen and assaults and murders another. However, the end where this biography feels a bit like a 'and then I did this... 'and then I did that. It also seemed to end in a rather a and 'this is the quick update'- these people are alive, these people are dead. I think the ending was poor, but the bulk of the story was well told.

still no Luke Henry Serignese. Jenna's doing well

Vacation countdown: T minus 17 hours!

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