Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's been a while...

Ok, so it's been a while. Lots going on. Work started on our kitchen - I WISH IT WERE FINISHED ALREADY but just getting started. We are very excited and I'm somewhat amazed that we have actually begun- so fun! If i ever figure out how to do pictures, when it's finished I'll do some before and afters.

Just finished The Gathering by Anne Enright. It was kind of blah. Not sure if that's b/c I didn't want to read it or bc the book was just fair but I didn't like it, couldn't get into it and just didn't really care very much about the people or the stuff. I'll be curious what bookclub thinks about it.

Next up Five Quarters of the Orange. That should be a neat read. Also hoping to read The Bitch in the House. I am hoping to get into some new books, even if it's Harry Potter, just dying to get excited about reading again. Maybe I shoudl just give up on teh stack of books on my bedside table that are half finished and nagging me to finish them!

Countdown to Hawaii- 31...

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