Thursday, June 23, 2016

Schools OUT for summer

The craziest thing about these pictures are his TEETH!  This guy loves to lose his teeth.  Once it is loose he works on it until he can yank it out.  It's SO different from me who would have it just dangling there for days before it just gently fell out.  

 The first week of summer has been great.  We are trying to relax and enjoy ourselves.  We have had swimming lessons which is a nice structure to the day and utterly exhausts Emily.  She is trying super hard to swim on her own, she tries hard at lessons.  Nolan is doing great too, his glides are perfect and he can swim, face in, arms out (with lots of splashing).

Dave and I have been golfing a bit and we are taking lessons again with our old buddy Jim.  It is a nice way to spend a Sunday, that's for sure!  We have a few trips planned and Nolan is doing a camp one week of the summer, we are otherwise relaxing and enjoying things.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Emily's Three Year Stats

Emily is perfect.  She is small and light, despite the size of her belly and just perfect.  
Height: 37.25 inches (54%)
Weight: 28 lbs, 2 ounces (22%)
BMI: 9%  (well, ok she's little)

She is doing just fine.  Big news, she didn't cry at the doctors office.  This is big news.  She even announced that morning that she would only cry when the doctor checked her ears... but she didn't!  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily is 3!  Wow, that's so exciting.  We celebrated by going to Magic Wings, the butterfly conservatory.  Emily wore her butterfly clothes which is cute, right?  Butterfly pants and a butterfly shirt.  Adorable.  It's funny, this place just sucks the life out of you.  It hot, humid and there is gentle music playing and you are supposed to move slowly and be quiet...  
Once Emily got over being terrified of the butterflies she was curious.  We had a great time, we did a scavenger hunt and looked for pink and purple butterflies (there is one that has a bit of purple on it).  
 We had lunch at a restaurant.  EVERYONE took a nap and we had pizza and ice cream.  

 Oh and there were presents!  If she's seen you in the past few days she has told you that she got a bike for her birthday. She's asked to ride it every day.  She's quite good at riding it.  It's fair to say she loves her new bike.
 She's also a huge fan of her Elsa and Anna watch.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Eat My Words

There is loads of gross illness going around our town.  Kids are out of school for a week, fever, chills, strep.  And what did I do last week and the week before?  Boast about how my kids haven't been sick all winter.  Yep, I did this.  Damn it.

So this kid comes home from school this week and gets his two blankets and lays down in the living room and falls the heck to sleep.  WHAT?  Who is this kid?  I thought it was funny.  Until I woke him up and told him to go watch tv and after 2 shows called them up for dinner when he fell apart.  Sobbing and crying about how his day was 'too full'... oh crap...
 So, as you would suspect, he's sick.  And I've never seen him like this before.  He's always been a kid who powers through his colds.  Who doesn't lay around watching tv.  He is simply too tired to argue and too tired to fight... it's been quite lovely actually.
So while he's been falling asleep every day around 4 at random spots in our house (here he is sleeping in our bed...) and he's laying around, in bed, on couches etc, he's obviously feeling sick because he's not arguing with me about much.  Though I think he's starting to feel a little better because he was yelling at Emily at lunchtime...  Poor thing

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Six Year Stats

Sometimes I look at Nolan around other school kids and he looks so teeny.  There are 6th graders that are as tall as I am and when there are masses of kids, it's hard to consider just how tall Nolan is.  Some of his buds are pretty tall too.  And some of his friends are very small.  So it's no surprise that Nolan is at the top of his charts, health wise, for height and weight.  So his 6 year stats are:
Height: 49.5 inches (97%)

Weight: 53 lbs (82%)

Despite his funny (and frustrating) eating, he's growing like a weed and is pretty much perfect.
Nolan with his kindergarten buddies- he towers over some of his pals

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spending Wisely

After a year of collecting from the tooth fairy, doing chores and having a monetary gift for his birthday, Nolan quickly changed from an aggressive saver to a spender!  He asked for us to go to the Wooden Toy and spend his $60.  Of course the morning I agreed to do this I get an email that we can get 20% off of a sale that starts in 2 days... explaining a sale to a stubborn 6-year old ready to spend is a challenge.  So off we went, to the toy store to spend Nolan's money.  As we were getting ready Emily asked if she had any money and whaddya know, she does!  So we packed up her money too and off we went.

Nolan spent a long time looking at legos and games and trucks and figures.  We looked at the science kits and the clearance section and then suddenly and immediately he knew what he wanted.  And when I saw it I completely agreed.  This kid runs around the house pretending to be a ninja so yeah, this is a perfect item to buy.
 I also convinced the kids to buy some sticker sets to decorate their rooms.  Nolan bought the Star Wars stickers and Emily chose the princess stickers.  Each had about 30 stickers to put on their walls.  They enjoyed decorating their rooms.
And finally Nolan bought some Star Wars jelly beans.  And he shared them willingly with Emily which was very nice.  All in all he spent about $55.  On our way out he saw a bow and arrow... I convinced him to buy it at a later time since it's an outside toy and we won't be able to use it for a while...  But he also has a $20 in his wallet--- how did he get all of this money?!?!  Goodness me!

The staff at this store was wonderful.  They were patient with him, remarked on his excellent purchases.  They slowly counted back his change and were so unbelievably kind to us.  Nolan and Emily were very polite and respectful which was wonderful.  I was very proud of them, their decisions and their mindfulness of this outing.  

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Emily was caught snuggling with Thumper a few days ago.  She was rubbing her face back and forth over his face and then sat there with him nestled in her neck.  Oh so darling